Rossana Reguillo

Rossana Reguillo at the 2007 Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics conference. Rossana Reguillo is a Mexican scholar noted for her analyses of youth, the city as social space, “fear” as a social construct, and the inter-relationship of communication, culture and politics in Latin America. She is currently Professor at ITESO University, (Western Institute of Technology and Higher Education, by its initials in Spanish) and was visiting Professor at New York University. Rossana Reguillo is the daughter of a chiapaneca woman and a republican, communist madrileño who claimed refugee status in Mexico. She is also married to the Mexican cartoonist Jabaz.

Reguillo has accomplished significant academic work positioning her as a prominent social scientist in Latin America. Her academic rigor and passion have led her to both analyze social phenomena as well as promote social change. For example, her academic analyses of the 1992 drainage explosions in Guadalajara and the participation of youth in the Mara Salvatrucha were not based on an aseptic scientific attitude, which understands research subjects as individuals from which to obtain data in order to elaborate conclusions. Instead, she has constantly assumed a position (positionality) where her roles both as a social researcher and also as a citizen have allowed her to frame a nuanced understanding of social issues leading to social change. Provided by Wikipedia
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