Chantal Mouffe

Mouffe in 2013 Chantal Mouffe (; born 17 June 1943) is a Belgian political theorist, formerly teaching at University of Westminster.

She is best known for her contribution to the development—jointly with Ernesto Laclau, with whom she co-authored ''Hegemony and Socialist Strategy''—of the so-called Essex School of discourse analysis, a type of post-Marxist political inquiry drawing on Gramsci, post-structuralism and theories of identity, and redefining Leftist politics in terms of radical democracy. Her highest cited publication is ''Hegemony and Socialist Strategy: Towards a Radical Democratic Politics''. She is also the author of influential works on agonistic political theory, including ''Agonistics: Thinking the World Politically'' and ''The Democratic Paradox''. Provided by Wikipedia
by Laclau, Ernesto
Published 2010
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