Cyber Civil Rights Initiative

The Cyber Civil Rights Initiative (CCRI) is a non-profit organization founded by Holly Jacobs in 2012. The organization offers services to victims of cybercrimes through its crisis helpline. They have compiled resources to help victims of cybercrimes both in [ America] and internationally. [ CCRI's resources] include a list of frequently asked questions, an online image removal guide, a roster of attorneys who may be able to offer low-cost or pro-bono legal assistance, and a list of laws related to nonconsensual pornography and related issues. CCRI publishes reports on nonconsensual pornography, engages in advocacy work, and contributes to updating tech policy. CCRI offers expert advice to tech industry leaders such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google regarding their policies against nonconsensual pornography. CCRI is the lead educator in the United States on subject matter related to nonconsensual pornography, recorded sexual assault, and sextortion. Provided by Wikipedia
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